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Dear T3BTrader user,

(Edited post on 29th August 2014)

Rectification: Change of deactivation date to 31st October 2014

Kindly be informed that we are going to deactivate the old Java chart on 31st October 2014.

Hence please use the new chart which has been developed with the latest HTML5 technology that enables you to view charts on mobile devices such as your mobile phones, iPads and other tablets.

For best performance, please use the recent versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox. If you are using Internet Explorer (IE), please use version 11 and above.

Always Our Best,
T3BTrader Team

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T3BTrader is a trading companion for students that have attended T3B course. The system provides bullish and bearish signals based on strategies designed and rigorously tested by Keane Lee, founder of T3B System. While such strategies give an indication of the strength of a security based on the study of price analysis, there is no guarantee on the exact price movement of the said security and the user is to apply his proper risk and money management. If in doubt, the user is to consult an independent investment advisor.